What Is This All About?

After looking at photos from our recent "Swings For Anya" charity golf tournament, I (Bruce, Anya's dad) realized that I REALLY needed to do something to get in shape and be healthier, to be there for Anya for as long as possible. The excess pounds need to GO! And what better way to encourage me to lose the weight than a fundraiser to support Anya's Journey Foundation!

Consider A Pledge

A flat amount or a pledge-per-pound-lost is a great way to support us towards our goal! I hope to lose 20 to 25 pounds over 12 weeks, starting July 4th.


Participate With Me!

Need to lose a few pounds yourself, and need some motivation? Get some pledges too and let's do it together! We'll both feel great & your help can push our fundraising up even higher!

Share Our Fundraiser

Please share this fundraiser to your friends, family, social media friends & groups. Your help could make a HUGE difference!

How Do I Pledge & What Are The Fundraiser Monies Going To Be Used For?

We created Anya's Journey Foundation in December 2021, to share information about Lamb-Shaffer Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects only nine people in Canada, including our daughter Anya, and to build all-ages accessible & inclusive playgrounds, the first of which to be built at Fuller Lake, near Chemainus, BC. Please visit our main webpage to learn more!


Click here to download our Pledge Request form. Fill out the details and email to contact@anyasjourney.com.


Want to join us? Grab our Participant Pledge Form here, contact us for a Participant Number, and let's WIN by LOSING (weight) together!

Share Our Poster

Download our Fundraiser Poster here and help us spread the word!


Come back each week for progress updates & new gallery photos!

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Have any questions? Want to donate to our cause? Have ideas for other fundraisers? Need to share your story with us? Please fill out the form below and contact us! We love hearing suggestions, constructive feedback and ideas from everyone!

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